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Top Pick of the Week, August 21, 2012!

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Hear an Audio Review of CrunchDaddy Popcorn "Five Hundy by Midnight"!

Reviewer Compares Sesame & Ginger Crunch to the Music of Mozart!

"The beginning: Popcorn, but good stuff. The oboe: sesame and caramel. The clarinet: the Ginger!" - Michael M. (Ellicott City, Maryland)"
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Have You Seen the Amazing Chinese Popcorn Cannon?

A sweet demo of popcorn being made in China! The black capsule is a pressure cooker filled with unpopped popcorn spinning over a flame. Hang on for the blast of popcorn!

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People are talking about CrunchDaddy Popcorn!

"CrunchDaddy Popcorn is out-of-this-world delicious." - Allie M., Live, Laugh, Eat!


"Holy cow this stuff is insane! Can't. Stop. Stuffing. My. Piehole. With. Crunchy. Goodness." - @Mr_Fastbucks on Twitter


"Oh, CrunchDaddy. CrunchDaddy. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways....

Heck, too many ways to count. Suffice it to say you have RUINED me. Never again shall I be able to eat a lesser popcorn and tell myself that it is good. I think most people do not realize there are classes of popcorn. Oh, but there are! At the top of the list is the CrunchDaddy class, wherein the Maple/Bacon and White Cheddar/Horseradish reign supreme. Then there is the All Other Popcorns class.

Yes, I am now a Popcorn Snob. And I am snobbily on my way to your website to order more White Cheddar/Horseradish. Time for this Snob to Get Her Crunch ON!!!!!" - Natisha Cooper (Indianapolis, Indiana)


"Tom and I just got back from Delaware where I had a business meeting - my client said we 'had to get' some Fisher's caramel popcorn so we went to their stand. They had 3 flavors - caramel, butter, and cheese - good, - but not nearly as good as yours!!!" - Kathy Williams (Kingston, New York) 


‎"I am now officially addicted to CrunchDaddy Peanut Butter Crunch Popcorn! Ate so much last night, I almost got sick. Sh*t is addicting!!! I got a bunch of different flavors from them and... some sounded sooo strange to me but I gotta tell ya, they were awesome! Sesame Seed-Ginger I was scared of (I'm so f-ing picky) and it was one of my other favorites. Also loved the Honey Cinnamon, and the Movie Night Crunch. Who knew popcorn could be so unique and friggin' good! I'm tellin' ya though... Peanut Butter Crunch is the bomb. And the shoot..... any of them really. :o) Give it a go. It's worth it." - Sherry Thomson (Atlanta, Georgia)


"I was lucky enough to win the chance to try your popcorn from a contest at Live Laugh Eat and it is seriously SO good! My mom and I had to hide it to keep ourselves from eating all 3 bags during the Super Bowl! The Maple Bacon was definitely my mom's favorite (now I know what to get for her next birthday! haha), and I absolutely could not stay away from the Honey Cinnamon! Such a great flavor combination for my sweet tooth! I'm intrigued by the other flavors, so I'll be sure to test them out soon! Thanks so much!!" - Kalynn Hodde (Thorndale, Texas)


"This stuff is far more superior than any other popcorn out there. We have had the privilege to enjoy these delectable treats on occasion and we have to say... If there is anytime to try something new, THIS IS IT!" - Jen and Ziggy, crazycookingcouple.blogspot.com


"ADDICTED!!! Best popcorn ever! Movie night, maple bacon, white cheddar horseradish, chesapeake just to name a few that i've tried lol YUM YUM YUM!!!" - Kendra Drake (Lloydminster, Saskatchewan, Canada)


"Let me just say, that I have been the fortunate recipient of many of the flavors and they are magnificent!!!! I MEAN MAGNIFICENT! Can't wait till it's on the shelves." - Kenya Allen (Arlington, Virginia)


"There is very good balance in all flavors:  tastes that should be bold are appropriately intense, while flavors that should be more subtle are subdued just the right amount.  Yet, you can still taste the popcorn itself under it all, which is important.  The popped kernel sizes are moderate compared to the giant kernels one sees in other premium format popcorn, but are on par with other commercial offerings.  All-in-all, I was very impressed with the entire lineup, and particularly caught off guard by the addiction factor; I am left with a increasing desire for more." - Joe Wallner (Hanover, Maryland)



"I met Dan and he was so passionate about his popcorn, that we bought large sizes of almost all flavors as a treat for our family for Christmas. Twenty family members and friends dug in and gave a single verdict - DELICIOUS! Kernels are big, fluffy and crunchy even post flavoring.

Others' palates will differ but for us:

Top dog: Maple Bacon! This seems like guy sustenance, but even the ladies and kids went insane over this one. Next time, everyone gets their own bag!

Second: Sweet butter crunch. Nice clean, crunchy flavor. Not wet or greasy or over candied like gourmet popcorns can be!

Third: Honey and cinnamon - guess the floral aromas of the honey and the cinnamon spice resonated with the holiday spirit.

Fourth: Sesame ginger. This is salty and savory, with the umami of Teriyaki but sans the soy. With the prominent, crunchy popcorn foundation, it is an interesting taste bud and texture puzzle. Is it popcorn or sesame/ginger candy? This one was my second favorite.

Movie night crunch actually beat out the peanut butter and chocolate crunch.

Overall, great job Dan on preserving the crunch of the corn even after flavoring. The flavors are a nice accompaniment and never dominate the subtle, fresh flavor of the corn. The texture of the corn was always preserved too - not greasy or moist or bone dry even though you are using powdered seasonings.

Great job! We'll be buying more.

Best of luck.

Greg (Ellicott City, Maryland)



‎"My favorite ER nurses celebrated ER nurse week with some of your stuff! Movie Night Crunch and Peanut Butter Crunch were huge hits!" - Jen, http://twitter.com/jenswwjourney


"Oh so good! And this popcorn is so light and airy with no after taste left in your mouth either. I love popcorn, but you know, some popcorn leaves a coating on your teeth and CrunchDaddy Popcorn doesn't. Yum!" - Danielle S. (Columbia, Maryland)


"Thanks for the popcorn, Dan. Sweet Butter Crunch is really good but I must say I'm a sucka for peanut buttah! ;)" - Riva S. (Chevy Chase, Maryland)


"Dan, I have called you CrunchDaddy, CrunchDaddio, and CrunchDoctor, but now I will call you CrunchDiety, the Pope of Popcorn. Seriously, I cannot believe the subtlety and flavors of the Sesame and Ginger Crunch. Where have you been hiding that? That will be in my standard order, along with the Maple and Bacon Crunch." - Michael M. (Ellicott City, Maryland)


"The sweet butter crunch popcorn I was lucky enough to win in a contest on here was AMAZING, and I usually dislike kettlecorn type popcorn. The included samples of Sesame & Ginger and Honey & Cinnamon were just as awesome. I've been craving more like crazy but for some reason my fiance doesn't think I should spend $$$ on popcorn for myself. Probably gonna do it anyway - it's too good!" - Jessica S. (Columbia, Maryland)

"I got my first order on Wednesday! Shipping was quick and everything is fantastic! Thank you! I brought some in to work today, to (begrudgingly) share with others. :)" - Ross H. (Boston, Massachusetts)

"I appreciate your efforts to make this a happy transaction, this is what good customer support is all about. You went out of your way to insure a repeat customer and beyond the scrumptious popcorn speaking for itself you made that happen." - Barb G. (Burbank, California)