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Top Pick of the Week, August 21, 2012!

Hear an Audio Review of CrunchDaddy Popcorn from "Five Hundy by Midnight - The Original Las Vegas Podcast"!

Reviewer Compares Sesame & Ginger Crunch to the Music of Mozart!

"The beginning: Popcorn, but good stuff. The oboe: sesame and caramel. The clarinet: the Ginger!" - Michael M. (Ellicott City, Maryland)"
full review)

Have You Seen the Amazing Chinese Popcorn Cannon?

A sweet demo of popcorn being made in China! The black capsule is a pressure cooker filled with unpopped popcorn spinning over a flame. Hang on for the blast of popcorn!

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Sweet Words for our Honey & Cinnamon Crunch!

"I had the absolute pleasure of tasting the Honey & Cinnamon Crunch and it's definitely in my top 3 favorites! The honey was superb and melts in your mouth along with the popcorn if you don't chew it for a few seconds. AMAZING!!!" - Kenya Allen (Arlinton, Virginia)

"As one of the Secret Taste Panel - oh crap - not so secret anymore - to get to try the new Honey & Cinnamon Crunch, I think that was one of the best things I ever tasted. Ok. That didn't have chocolate on it. Seriously. Popcorn nirvana. The sweet honey taste blended with an absolutely intoxicating cinnamon....My first response to Dan was that I wanted to go find a dark room to be alone with it. Then I remembered I was at work and had to recover with a shrug and a 'yeah, it's ok I s'pose.' :) Very, very yummie stuff!" - Sharon Smith (Catonsville, Maryland)

"It tastes like Christmas in my mouth!" - Christopher Dykes (Columbia, Maryland)

"I tried Honey & Cinnamon Crunch and all I can say is 'wow.'  The first crunch delivers a nice cinnamon blast but as you begin chewing, the flavors change on your tongue.  The cinnamon becomes milder and then the honey kicks in.  I did have some bits of hardened honey stick to my teeth, but that’s what made the honey flavor last longer." - Kevin "Popcornface" (Columbia, Maryland) -http://popcornface.wordpress.com/2011/12/05/crunchdaddy-popcorn-part-ii/  


"I absolutely could not stay away from the Honey Cinnamon! Such a great flavor combination for my sweet tooth!" - Kalynn Hodde (Thorndale, Texas)


"The Honey & Cinnamon Crunch is fantastic." - Bruce Cohen (Clarksville, Maryland)