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Top Pick of the Week, August 21, 2012!

Hear an Audio Review of CrunchDaddy Popcorn from "Five Hundy by Midnight - The Original Las Vegas Podcast"!

Reviewer Compares Sesame & Ginger Crunch to the Music of Mozart!

"The beginning: Popcorn, but good stuff. The oboe: sesame and caramel. The clarinet: the Ginger!" - Michael M. (Ellicott City, Maryland)"
full review)

Have You Seen the Amazing Chinese Popcorn Cannon?

A sweet demo of popcorn being made in China! The black capsule is a pressure cooker filled with unpopped popcorn spinning over a flame. Hang on for the blast of popcorn!

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Reviews of CrunchDaddy's Maple & Bacon Crunch

"Having been a professional chef off and on for about 30 years, I know good, properly prepared food. This stuff is amazing. The texture is light and crisp, the popcorn is substantial, and the flavors are deep and rich and uncloying. I couldn't stop eating this. The finish was always clean, the flavors always bright, just amazing. This is the gold standard. Unbelievably good." - Michael M. (Ellicott City, Maryland)


"OH MY GOODNESS... Just tried a smidge of the Maple Bacon and it is to DIE for! We raise Red Wattle Hogs... How about I send you a pig and you keep me supplied in popcorn?" - Cindy Huggins (Washburn, Missouri) 


"My husband will not let go of the maple & bacon crunch sample you sent over! In heaven!! Thank you!!! :)" - Connie M. (North Bergen, New Jersey)


"ok, the maple bacon is TO DIE FOR!!!!" - Jen Casey Small (Biddeford, Maine)


"Maple & Bacon flavored popcorn. O to the M to the G, sweet and salty done PERFECTLY. Need I say more? I ordered the maple and bacon from CrunchDaddy and can say that it was ADDICTIVE." - Natisha Cooper (Indianapolis, Indiana)


"Crunchdaddy, when are you gonna change your name to Crackdaddy? Because this stuff is ADDICTIVE. My boyfriend and I inhaled it this morning and were only left wanting more. The maple and bacon in it count as a well-rounded breakfast, right?. Right. Goes great with coffee too!" - Alyssa Crivello (Washington, D.C.)


"When I first heard "bacon" associated with popcorn, It sounded like nirvana! Then the professional cook in me began to dissect and analyze. How could you marry greasy pork with fluffy popcorn without it being mushy? Wouldn't it leave that unctuous film on the roof of your mouth? Would you not have to add so much sugar to counteract the natural saltiness of the bacon? And then there would be Maple,too? Surely this would be a fatty, sticky mess, a la some canned popcorn bought at "gourmet" shops. Imagine my joy as the first handful was tasted! Light, airy, perfect ratio of salt to sweet, and no mess, on your hands or palate! This recipe is a home run and should be world famous in the same vein as Cracker Jack-only fresher and better. Best popcorn ever, bar none!!!" - John Hancock (Bakersfield, California)


"I haven't tried all the flavors just yet but the Maple Bacon was beyond my simple words!!!" - Barb G. (Burbank, California)


"Mmmm... got my popcorn and I loved ALL of the flavors, but my favorite was definitely the Maple and Bacon Crunch! My new addiction!! :)" - Megan S. (Altoona, Pennsylvania) 


"Picked up some Maple and Bacon Crunch at the Ride Across Maryland, LOVE it, can't wait to try more!" - Dawn B. (Maryland)