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Top Pick of the Week, August 21, 2012!

Hear an Audio Review of CrunchDaddy Popcorn from "Five Hundy by Midnight - The Original Las Vegas Podcast"!

Reviewer Compares Sesame & Ginger Crunch to the Music of Mozart!

"The beginning: Popcorn, but good stuff. The oboe: sesame and caramel. The clarinet: the Ginger!" - Michael M. (Ellicott City, Maryland)"
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Have You Seen the Amazing Chinese Popcorn Cannon?

A sweet demo of popcorn being made in China! The black capsule is a pressure cooker filled with unpopped popcorn spinning over a flame. Hang on for the blast of popcorn!

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With introducing new and unique gourmet popcorn flavors comes the challenge of describing them. 

For me, that's something like asking a mother to describe her own child!  While I may not be the most objective source for such an opinion, I invite any and all friends and relations who have tried these flavors to chime in with their own perspectives.

The first flavor, the original, the one that started the ball rolling for CrunchDaddy Popcorn is "Sweet Butter Crunch"!  Not only is it a unique flavor, but it serves as the base for several other gourmet popcorn flavors that we will be introducing.

Sweet Butter Crunch is my take on what is commonly called "kettle corn"... but we don't call it that!  Kettle corn has become widely available in supermarkets, fairs and amusement parks.  It's made by popping corn in a mixture of sugar, vegetable oil and salt, which results in a sweet/salty glaze on the popcorn.  For me, the quality of it depends on the taste of the oil used and how well-controlled the salt is.  The main drawback in kettle corn is the saturation of oil and the aftertaste that it brings, which can be prominent, sometimes overwhelming.  After I finished my first bag of kettle corn made at Hershey Park in Pennsylvania, I knew that there must be a way to improve upon it.

In trying to take kettle corn to the next level, to "kick it up a notch", I wanted to find a way to incorporate real butter into the cooking process in place of the vegetable oil.  The high water content and low smoking point of butter made this a challenge, as it burns quickly!

Happily, after much experimentation and taste testing, I arrived at the recipe for "Sweet Butter Crunch"!  It's a light, crispy popcorn with a delicate coating of butter, sugar and salt, with just a touch of oil.  After experimenting with so many different batches (some failed miserably!), I wasn't sure that I got it right until I started giving it away for tasting.   

The reaction was immediate and overwhelmingly positive!  No one was shy about eating this stuff handful after handful until every last bit of it was gone!  I was frankly overwhelmed at the reaction and rather enjoyed observing the behavior of friends and neighbors engaged in the feeding frenzy. Having seen that, I knew I had a good thing on my hands!

Lately I enjoy providing a taste test of my Sweet Butter Crunch along with a taste of kettle corn that is sold nationwide at supermarkets.  First, I ask them to try the competitor's kettle corn... and they typically say something good about it.  Next, I ask them to try Sweet Butter Crunch and give me an honest comparison of the two.

I have yet to meet anyone who doesn't prefer my Sweet Butter Crunch over common, oily kettle corn!

That's just part of the excitement behind CrunchDaddy Popcorn!  We're looking forward to bringing it to market so everyone can enjoy it!  I think you're in for something good!