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Top Pick of the Week, August 21, 2012!

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Hear an Audio Review of CrunchDaddy Popcorn from "Five Hundy by Midnight - The Original Las Vegas Podcast"!

Reviewer Compares Sesame & Ginger Crunch to the Music of Mozart!

"The beginning: Popcorn, but good stuff. The oboe: sesame and caramel. The clarinet: the Ginger!" - Michael M. (Ellicott City, Maryland)"
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Have You Seen the Amazing Chinese Popcorn Cannon?

A sweet demo of popcorn being made in China! The black capsule is a pressure cooker filled with unpopped popcorn spinning over a flame. Hang on for the blast of popcorn!

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What People are Saying About Sweet Butter Crunch!

"I thought I would only share some , but after my workmate first try, she did not leave my desk until we emptied the container! We love CrunchDaddy Popcorn! I can be the distributor in Sydney!" - Yvette Remigio-Nielo (Sydney, Australia)


"Appropriately described in advance as a competitor to traditional kettle corn.  There is a lovely buttery sweetness to the popcorn.  The pieces are very evenly coated, provide a very satisfying crunch, yet retain an airy and light feel.  It is not as salty nor as heavy as traditional kettle corn.  A deservedly marquee flavor." - Joe Wallner (Hanover, Maryland)


"YUM YUM YUM! This stuff can't hit the shelves soon enough! I wasn't willing to share the Sweet Butter Crunch because it's was so yummy!" - Judy H. (Urbana, Maryland)


"Sweet Butter Crunch is my Favorite!!! Its great with no mess!" - Eric Gainey, Jr. (Columbia, Maryland)


"The sweet butter crunch popcorn I was lucky enough to win in a contest on here was AMAZING, and I usually dislike kettlecorn type popcorn." - Jessica S. (Columbia, Maryland)