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White Cheddar & Horseradish Crunch

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Product Description

We prefer to make original popcorn variations at CrunchDaddy Popcorn. For that reason, there was no interest in making plain old "cheese popcorn" like everyone else does... So we look for a twist like this!

Our "White Cheddar & Horseradish Crunch" uses the finest cheese available, real, tangy Cabot Vermont white cheddar! We add the kick of ground horseradish for a cheesy popcorn delight that's good enough to share at your next cocktail party!!  The horseradish adds just the right bite to compliment the cheddar, nothing overpowering, just yummy!!

Ingredients: popcorn, Vermont cheddar cheese [cultured milk, salt and enzymes], cheddar cheese [cultured pasteurized milk, salt and enzymes], whey, dry buttermilk, spices, canola oil, salt, disodium phosphate.

Posted by Unknown on 14th Apr 2015

You don't taste the horseradish right away, but after a few pieces, you get this kick. It's just right!

  • Cheesy goodness

    Posted by Unknown on 9th Aug 2014

    I love white cheddar popcorn so couldn't wait to try this combo. I was afraid the horseradish would be too strong but it is very subtle. It's a little bit of heat at the end of each bite.

  • Amazing flavor!

    Posted by Jed on 17th Apr 2014

    This blend of cheddar and horseradish is absolutely great. The horseradish tone is a nice subtle flavor that doesn't hit your palate hard as one would think. It comes in towards the end with a nice warm spicy tone that is definitely recognizable as horseradish.

    It's an excellent combo of creaminess, a little tang and a warm bite. The popcorn itself isn't just a carrier for the flavor either. You can tell it is definitely fresh and you can taste it.

    I'll definitely be buying more of this!

  • DELISH!!!

    Posted by LaVonne on 11th Mar 2014

    White cheddar is on of my favorite popcorn flavors . So, when I saw this twist to my favorite, I had to try it. It did not disappoint, just the right of horseradish heat.

  • Sticking licking my fingers

    Posted by Mike on 18th Jan 2014

    Just polished off a bag. I didn't mean to eat all of it, but I could not stop. Cheesy and tangy, perfect crunch, and I even used my fingers to get the crumbs and the dusty coating left in the bottom of the bag.

  • Perfect amount of Horseradish!

    Posted by Kathryn on 7th Jan 2014

    I'd been warned that it might get "too hot", but this was perfect: the warmth radiated the mouth, not overpowering, just enough to let us know this was really good! Lovely cheddar and the horseradish warmth made for a surprising and enjoyable nosh. Well done!

  • Unique take on white cheddar popcorn

    Posted by Unknown on 10th Nov 2013

    Absolutely loved it. Would never have thought that combination would be so yummy. Just the right amount of warmth.

  • Yea baby

    Posted by Unknown on 5th Nov 2013

    What can I say but, Oh yea baby!. Do not change anything. So good.

  • Great gift for someone on chemo!

    Posted by Cathy on 20th Oct 2013

    I ordered this for a friend who is undergoing Chemo and can't taste many things, though one thing she had commented on when we last visited was that she could taste flavors that were hot which is what prompted me to send her this flavor. She said it was very good and that it had enough flavor that she could actually taste it. She enjoyed it very much. Her husband did try it and comment it was too hot for him - but he thinks mild salsa is too hot.

    My mom said the same thing when she was going through chemo about not being able to taste her food (so suddenly she was eating everything spicy for the first time in her life) and I wish I'd known about it back then.

  • Plesantly surprised

    Posted by Unknown on 11th Oct 2013

    I wasn't sure what to expect. I know I love white cheddar popcorn and I can appreciate horseradish but it was the perfect combination and not too much. You know it's there but your eyes do not burn.

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